Corporate Video Production

Some one asked me the other day what I got up to whilst waiting for a film project to take off (like there would be anytime for anything else?) Well the answer is corporate video production.

In fact I help run one of the most successful corporate video production company’s in Surrey. We get involved with every different type of video production you can imagine including TV commercials, promos and  sell-through videos.The great thing about this is that we spend each and every day planning and producing video shoots. So there is nothing we don’t know about filming.

Corporate video production works well with our film production work. It means we have a lot of experience with different types of cameras. Over the 11 years we have been successfully trading and winning awards for our work we have gathered quite a sizeable amount of our own equipment, steady cam, jibs. We also have great postproduction facilities; edit suits, grading suits and a sound recording studio. But, more importantly we have some great personnel to call upon and work with. We have had years of working together and with some of the best talent the industry can offer.

The experience we have gathered making corporate video during this time is also invaluable. Our work has both seen us filming and our work exhibited all around the world. So whether we are planning the logistics for a shoot in Guildford, Glasgow, Granada or Guadeloupe, we have the practical experience to put the project together. And wherever the target audience for a piece of work is we know how to deliver. This is vital experience that cuts well with corporate and film production alike.

Surrey serves as a great base to do all this from. We are close enough to London to benefit from the video work London generates, without the massive overheads that being based in London would incur. Surrey also benefits from a thriving home grown creative community and a large business pool of companies eager for all things video to promote themselves.

So for all thing Corporate Video Production for either London or Surrey you know who to ask or if you simply want to take a look at the sort of work I do? Click on a link get in touch I’m always happy to help.

The old film’s still doing the rounds

A good friend of mine down under, Chris Zlomanczuk, found this for sale in down-town Aus – Nice one Chris! Good to see the old movie is still doing the rounds.

Office Assistant / Runner Position

We are looking for an office assistant / runner at Big Yellow Feet.

Duties: Office admin, light packing, simple Photoshop design, answering phones, maintaining client database, filing and generally helping out around the office.

Essential: Driving license (we’re based on a farm in rural Surrey, so car essential), communication skills (phone and writing), Photoshop experience, and maths. An interest and desire to work in live video production would be an advantage.

The job would suit someone with drive as a first time job in the industry and could offer potential growth into other live-filming production work (camera / live-mixing / producing).

This role would suit someone with a cheerful disposition who can work as part of a team and on their own, meet deadlines and multi task.

Structure: The job will be directly supervised by and answerable to the Film My Show Manager.

Full appointment subject to completion of 6-month probationary period

(Options possible for experienced applicants seeking part-time positions.)

Salary: £13,000.

Please email cover letter and CV to

Apply to: Gregory Mandry


Hang on to your hats 2013 has started!

– The limited company has been formed.

– Funding discussions, paused for the festive break, are swinging right back to the fore.

– Casting is about to resume for the final remaining roles.

Watch this space…

Audition Catch Up

Planning a bit of an audition catch up this weekend, so it’s Pizza and reviewing the DVDs. We should finally be able to make some progress for those waiting to hear though, which will be a good thing.

I also know we’ve still got some people who we have promised to see in audition. Well, after the recent financial discussion shenanigans, we can begin to knuckle down and get back to doing what we want to do – make a film.

Financial Negotiations Begun

We have begun talking to some financial backers this week which has put casting and panning on the back burner a little. But hey, money makes movies, so sorry for the divided attention. Normal service will resume soon.

Thanks for all the help that made our financial figures so compelling, you know who you are. Once all our partners are in position we look forward to working with you.

The important thing is that we secure this money as this will take us a long way down the road to making our film and this week will be crucial.

So, watch this space and if you want to join the intelligent money already signing up to a piece of the action there is still time… Just.

The Slaughterman

We have a history Gary Faulkner and I – A good History.

Gary played the Slaughteman in Gnaw and we have also worked together on a number of other projects. We love his professionalism,we love him and we know you love him.

Gary Faulkner will be playing Moose.